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Treven DeGaulle  when is now?
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May 28, 2018

keep life weird

May 27, 2018

breakfast, proof i am an adult

May 26, 2018

i do what i want

May 21, 2018

spring is finally here. i think. i hope #flowers #prettyshit

May 21, 2018

if i ever get a dog i hope it's this cute #mycatwillhateme #dogsthough

May 20, 2018

my throwbacks are never on the right days

May 17, 2018


May 14, 2018

i want all of these in my belly

May 7, 2018

batty is a year old today. i adopted him from a shelter that found him in a box. he's got more personality than most people i know. and he doesn't judge #furryasshole #battythewonderdog

May 7, 2018

adoption is how i plan to always get my kids #ayearago #babyasshole

May 6, 2018

my attempt at a selfie, fail

May 3, 2018

bat dog