treven jackson devereux

nicknames t, trev, tj comicverse red robin date of birth + age october 1, 1988 + 29 birthplace new york residence boston, ma education mit 08'-12' occupation freelance computer security status lol astrology libra

treven degaulle was born on october 1, 1990. he was nearly a month early and his parents weren't ready for him. janet had only just gone off work, jackson hadn't set the crib up, and all the items from the baby shower were still in their boxes and bags. janet had planned to go off on leave, take some time to set up the nursery and then bring her bouncing baby home with her. her plans when to hell when twelve hours after she went on leave she was welcoming her baby boy into the world. treven was only eighteen months old when his parents died in a car accident while he was with a sitter. with no family in new york, the toddler was packed up and moved to boston wher his father's sister lived. the only family that the baby had, welcomed him with open arms.

growing up the nephew of what more or less were your parents got confusing at times. treven knew he wasn't lelani and scott's son, but at the same time the couple never treated him as anything but. he was raised to know they were his aunt and uncle, that his parents had passed away and loved him very much, but he always looked at his aunt and uncle as his parents. they loved him as such, punished and praised him as such. his cousins were his siblings, and it was something he only explained a handful of times at school before he stopped trying.

junior high was an interesting time for treven. it was around the age of 12 that the boy started to get into trouble. he was a straight a student, but he was also constantly causing the teachers grief. almost daily something would be changed on a classroom computer that the teachers couldn't change back. sometimes it was a grade, sometimes it was the orientation of the screen, but it was always something. and treven was never good at keeping a straight face. he always gave away that he was the one behind the nefarious acts. suspended enough times in middle school that his parents were worried he'd get expelled, it was actually the technology teacher who stepped in and suggested he take outside computer classes. if he was this interested and this naturally gifted maybe it was a career path for the kid.

high school proved to be the first time treven would get arrested for learning to hack. as a curiosity, he decided to hack the police department database, which was well and good until he started looking at criminal records. he wasn't sly enough to cover his tracks just yet, and got caught within a couple of days. he was arrested at school and given a slap on the wrist. the second time he was arrested, he got probation. this time he hacked an actual government site, and breeched a security clearence high enough that it sent the agency into a tizzy about what others could possibly do. when asked why he did it, his only response was to shrug and to explain he just wanted to see if he could do it. well he could and he got caught. he learned after that round that he needed to learn to cover his tracks better and set out to build better firewalls for himself.

his parents were terrified he'd never get into a good college with two arrests and probation that wouldn't lift until his 18th birthday. but both mit and caltech wanted him. he had a near 5.0 gpa and his computer skills were unmatched at the high school. both tech schools were impressed with his natural ability and his self taught approach. he decided to stay close to home and attend mit, where he majored in computer science. he decided to minor in art, as he'd been drawing almost as long as he'd been messing around with computers.

college was where he perfected his ability to get in and out of programs undetected. while he never changed his own grades, for a small fee he was willing to change any one else's grades. he had pride in his own studies but didn't give a rat's ass about what anyone else did. by the time he graduated, he'd formed himself a small following for computer issues and even set aside enough money to not move home after graduation. his parents assumed he'd attempt to get a job in the public sector, maybe for a city or a company, but via word of mouth he had enough clients to start a freelance job.

tim drake aka red robin

comic parallels name first is t, last is d, middle is jackson

looks dark brown hair, pale

parents has never met his birth parents, they both passed away when he was a toddler

career hacker computer person

names tba

birth tba
facts and things 😈 rarely explains his family dynamic
😈 is rather mean / uncooperative / grumpy when hungover
😈 his eyes are a bright blue, something he got from his mother
😈 is allergic to milk
😈 has a few extremely close friends from childhood
😈 terrified of clowns
😈 jokes that if he ever gets married it will be drunk in vegas
😈 has issues keeping plants alive
😈 has a deep fear of abandonment which causes him to first be cautious then to latch on and not let go